Affordable SEO For Small Business – Tips & Tricks #2

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On the affordable SEO for small business 1, you may have learnt free online techniques to SEO. In the second issue of this topic, we will recommend some affordable options for you to SEO your online business.

Affordable SEO For Small Business – Backlink building through blog commenting

This is a time consuming but effective method. Search engines evaluate a blog or website popularity to decide its rankings. This popularity is based on how often it is pointed by the other websites. To build such links, you may find those high ranked blogs to comment leaving your blog or website links there. If your comments are approved, you’ve got a backlink! Searching blogs and commenting is time consuming. And there are chances that your comments will not be approved. If you are afraid of this, you can outsource the experts to help you with this at low cost.

Affordable SEO For Small Business – Always ping your new links!

Another tip for SEO is that pinging. After creating a new post or page, you should ping the new link with the keywords you target. Some popular ping websites that you may work with are below:

Affordable SEO For Small Business – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another way to get more traffic to your blog or website. You should social bookmark your new links on social bookmarking sites such as or Sometimes your blog or website is not old enough to get good rankings but when people search for your targeted keywords, they may find it through social bookmarking links.

Affordable SEO For Small Business – Classifieds submission

Last but not least is classifieds submission. You should submit your blog or website information into classifieds which is a type of advertising. It works a lot in creating backlinks as well as rankings.

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