Affordable SEO For Small Business – Tips & Tricks #1

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As we all know, online visibility is a need for businesses to survive nowadays regardless of the business size. This happened because people become IT savvy so that information could be found on the Internet quickly and effectively. However, there are tons of online marketing methods to search engine optimize while you just need apply some for your business. Here are some tips and tricks about affordable SEO for small business that may help you to make your right online marketing choice.


Affordable SEO For Small Business – Blogging


There are many free blogs such as tumblr, wordpress, blogger, etc. People search for blogs for knowledge and other experiences to improve their life and career. As a result, your business can get in touch with your prospects through blogs. And the fact is that most of big corporations have their own blogs on their websites. Moreover, blogging is search engine friendly which means it is easier to get ranked through blogs due to its natural informative characteristics. This is the most affordable SEO for small business. If you are running a hair salon business, you can blog about your hair care tips to attract visitors who care about hair beauty and raise their awareness about your hair salon as well. It is a ideal method to brand your business as an expert.


Affordable SEO For Small Business – Social Media


You can use YouTube as your channel to communicate with your prospects. Your YouTube videos should be about your industry such as news, tips, tricks, etc. And YouTube videos are also very search engine friendly. It is easy to get ranked if it is correctly targeted.

Facebook Fan Page is another popular social media channel. If you are using Facebook, you should be interactive enough to get along well with your networks to raise awareness and generate leads. You can share videos, pictures, quotes, etc. on Facebook. 

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