Q: What am I actually getting with this package?

A: You'll get everything listed here

Q: How do I know I'm eligible for this package

A: You're eligible as long as you fit into one of the groups here

Q: Do I need to have an idea what to put together?

A: The advantage of having us do it all for you means you don't even need an idea of what to do. As long as you know your desired topic to target OR have an existing business/product, we can help you. We'll be asking you a few questions to make sure everything is done right from the word "go"!

Q: How much can I customize my blog

A: We'll be putting everything together for you to get your business started online correctly and successfully. Your blog will be customized to your topic or business. However to be fair, because our pricing is extremely low and to avoid delays to your website, we do not allow any "special" customization requests. Good news is, we'll also be including easy step-by-step instructions and training so that you can completely customize or change anything on your blog if you want to.

Q: Why are you charging so "low" for so much as compared to every one else?

A: The reason is simple – we want to give the most value at the lowest possible price. This creates a long-term business relationship with extremely satisfied and happy customers who keep coming back to us.

Q: What if I already have an existing website, will this still apply to me?

A: If you've already got an existing website, that's great! Then that's an even better reason for you to grab this package. The blog we create for you can complement your existing website as a very powerful lead generator that sends visitors back to your main site. Perfect.

Q: Do I need any technical knowledge and do I need to register my own domain name?

A: You do NOT need any technical knowledge at all because we'll do everything from the creation, set up and promotion for you. We'll also find and register your domain name for you and your package includes one-year free domain registration. We'll transfer the domain name to you immediately.

Q: Do I need my own website hosting?

A: Yes. We would like to recommend http://professionalhosting.com/ 

Q: How can you ensure search engine rankings? No one else can do that!

A: That's what makes us special and unique – and the reason you come to us! We're EXPERTS in online marketing with over 14 years of experience, and we'll be using our secret proprietary techniques to get your website ranked. Your custom blog will be ranked for at least 1 key phrase with real monthly searches. Note: Ranking may not appear within 14 days but it WILL appear – we're constantly working hard behind the scenes so you don't have to.

Q: Is there a monthly fee?

A: No, there are no monthly fees. All our prices are ONE-TIME.

Q: Am I still able to get your special discount?

A: If you still see the special pricing link below, you're in. However, we can't promise how long it will still be available so we suggest you act on it now…